Why Should You Get Your Water Tank Cleaning Done in Dubai?

Regular and thorough cleaning of water tanks is an essential process that every house owner or resident needs to follow. Dubai residents receive their water through a tank and pump system. Water supplied and stored in tanks has various salts and impurities dissolved in it that gets deposited on the walls and bottoms of the tanks. A dirty water storage tank means that the water that reaches youwill not be clean and fresh.To maintain the health and wellness of everyone living under your roof, you need professional Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai ensure that only safe and clean water is consumed at all times.

Why is Water Tank Cleaning so important

Important for health

Unclean water tank can act as a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria,parasites and viruses  that thrive on stagnant water. Some common health problems that arise due to impure water include dysentery, cholera and gastroenteritis. To protect yourself from such diseases, it is essential to get water storage tanks cleaned on a regular basis.

To Prevent Rust Accumulation

If you notice that the water running out of your taps has a brownish tinge, your water tank may have accumulated rust.Regular cleaning of a water storage tank reduces the probability of rusting and corrosionand prevents buildup of sediment and silt that is present naturally in the water supply.

Helps Reduce Maintenance Cost

A tank that isn’t cleaned for years, would rack up huge maintenance costs.Periodic planned Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai  will be more cost effective than breakdown repairs. Breakdowns can happen out of issues like untreated corrosion, scale formation, blockages and leaks.Regular upkeep of your water tank ensures that your water tank provides you with clean water at all times and is functioning at optimum levels.

Prevents plumbing issues

Buildup of impurities can also cause plumbing issues in the valves and pipes that supply the water to a building. This could lead to sudden stoppage of water supply. Regular cleaning of Water Tank will help avert such crisis.

How often should you get your water tank cleaned in Dubai?

We at Home Team recommends that you get your water tank  at least every once a year. However, once in six months will yield better results.

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