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Cleaning Services in Dubai

We understanding the needs of our clients is crucial and we aim to provide high quality cleaning services in Dubai. Our services range from window cleaning, pave-yard cleaning, kitchen extractor hood cleaning, and deep cleaning. We partner with specialists to ensure you get excellent quality service.


Emergency Response time
within 60mins

Non Emergecny Response time
under 24 hours

Professional Cleaning Services “The Home Team” Provides

Why Hire The Home Team for Professional Cleaning?

  • We understand the need of our clients and provide them with the right scope
  • Our Partners are specialized in the tasks and the technicians are well trained
  • Our 24/7 helpdesk will enable you to schedule the appointment at your convenience
Pave-yard Cleaning​ dubai

Resolve Electrical Hazards with Utmost Efficiency

Handling electrical works requires proper training as well as experience since it poses a high threat of electrocution. The Home Team has expert electricians with appropriate training and qualifications to carry out diverse electrical services, right from inspection, installation to repairing the electrical units.

Best Electrical Works with Cutting Edge Tools & Methods

This premium maintenance company in Dubai provides fast as well as efficient electrical services and ensures that power can be restored in your house or workplace immediately. At The Home Team, our electricians are well-equipped with appropriate tools and assure they can mend the issue without much hassle.


Deep cleaning is a technical term. It is a comprehensive cleaning project for your home; office; warehouse or other areas that not only cleans and maintains the property; but also takes care of vital works such as cleaning tricky areas; effectively removing stubborn impurities and disinfecting.

Deep cleaning is often required to keep your home or office space not only clean, but also hygienic. It is always good to stay or work at a place that has been secured by advanced measures. Areas that are tricky to clean might get to be a hub for microbes. This makes the space extremely unhygienic. From door knobs to kitchen stove knobs to switches to utensils or appliances; all these things might be infested with bacteria because of daily use and that too at a random rate. The Home Team deep cleaning service will target such points and other areas where things can get really unhygienic. Clean your home or office with deep cleaning solutions from us and keep yourself and your living environment healthy.

We use a variety of equipment to offer deep cleaning. Based on the nature of the home/ office and the invasiveness of the dirt and debris; we select our cleaning materials skilfully. On a general note; we do use scrubbing materials and cleaning agents or solutions such as disinfectants ands degreasers. Due to this being a professional service, our experts also carry essential cleaning agents for special cases so that they can save your time. We also use tools such as scrubbing machines; vacuum cleaners; steam cleaners etc.

Usually you can take for 3 to 4 weeks to repeat a cleaning session. Some properties need less frequent cleaning though and you may wait for a few months to offer it a round of cleaning again. Although it is important to get a regularised cleaning for your home or office in a set interval of time, it is also important to evaluate your property and its cleaning needs. This is why you can trust The Home Team. We analyse your home’s special needs and offer you a complete solution on the time by which you should have it cleaned.

It depends on the area of the house along with other factors such as number of rooms; amenities and, of course, the quality or condition of the dirt; debris and mould. We can still give you an estimate. It generally takes about 6 to 8 hours for cleaning a home with 3 to 4 bedrooms. It may vary. For more information on this; simply call us or write to us and we will be helping you right away.

Of course you can. But, even if you want to stay out and leave the work in our expert cleaners’ hands, then you can stay relaxed. The professionals from The Home Team are all licensed and they are certified to work with technically preventive measures to protect you assets and your living space from harms or damages. They are also honest and trustworthy. Being in the property at the time of cleaning is your choice. But, we will do exactly what we signed up for and there is 100% guarantee on that.

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Why AMC With The Home Team

I have used the services of Home team Maintenance since 3 months and consider them a most reliable and responsive maintenance team . Home teams take the responsibility away from a busy Property Manager and deal with the situation at hand whether it is an urgent repair or minor security issue. One of the most important aspects of Maintenace management is being able to provide clients with feedback and Home team offer an extensive report once work is complete. Their set up is second to none and they provide nothing but high quality workmanship at a reasonable price. I would recommend Home team Maintenance to any property management company or home owner with confidence that they will receive an excellent service.

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