Why you should get your villa external painting done periodically

Do you feel your villa’s exterior has started looking shabby compared to others? Can you spot cracks and peeling paint? Do you think it is time for your villa to have a new, fresh look? The one stop solution to all these problems is simple – get a fresh coat of exterior painting done. Though it may seem like a trivial, superficial cosmetic addition, a good exterior paint is indispensable for your home providing you with numerous functional benefits along with aesthetic value. The catch, however, is that you’ll need to get exterior painting done periodically for the upkeep of your villa and to reap the benefits of the protection the painting provides.

Here are reasons as to ‘why’ you should get your villa’s external painting done periodically:


Your villa’s exterior is the first thing that catches people’s eyes – be it a guest, potential buyer or a passerby. As a result, almost all homeowners want to ensure that their villa’s exterior continues to look fresh and new at all times. Nothing can transform your villa quicker than a fresh coat of exterior paint. Routinely painting the exterior can dramatically alter the appearance of your villa by accentuating its aesthetic value, increasing your potential curb appeal and adding to its visual interest. By painting your villa’s exterior periodically you not only upgrade and maintain the way your home looks but also add to its character.

Pro tip: ensure that you choose a colour that suits your home’s overall aesthetic and fits well with the landscaping of the property.


Given that your home’s exterior is exposed to the natural elements on a daily basis, it is more than likely that these factors will take a toll on its surfaces causing severe wear and tear. Especially with weather conditions like in Dubai, the blazing sun becomes a matter of concern as it can have a dramatic effect on your villa’s exterior walls. The sunlight degrades and damages the walls over time with prolonged exposure. The drying, blistering and cracking of the walls causes the paint to start peeling off. As time goes on, these smaller cracks enlarge in size, leading to other environmental factors like wind, rainfall and dust to infiltrate behind the layers of peeling paint. Thus, the exterior walls are in the need of the highest levels of protection from the natural elements that could potentially damage your home. A fresh coat of exterior paint can resist these to a degree, thereby increasing the lifespan of your villa’s exterior walls from environmental factors. It does more than simply add aesthetic value – quality exterior paint and the right painting services work as an outer protective barrier, shielding your home from weather damage, dust or even insect infestations.


A well protected yard and curb appeal are the first eye catchers for your villa. They leave a lasting first impression on your potential buyers’ minds; to the extent that they determine the resale success of your home. With prolonged weather influences, neglect and daily wear and tear, the exterior walls tend to start appearing shabby and worn out over a period of time. This does not speak well of your property. That is where periodically painting the exterior walls can make a huge difference – it will set the right tone for a prospective buyer when they see the villa for the first time. Consider this to be a sort of getting your “foot in the door” for a potential sale – if the exterior appears to be in aesthetic condition which appeals to the buyer, they are far more likely to venture into the property, thereby increasing your probability of a sale. A well maintained, routinely painted house can significantly increase its resale price. Thus, when going for a periodic exterior painting choose a good colour palette, use high quality paint and hire an experienced team to increase your property’s market value.


In desert weather conditions – like in Dubai – the severe sunlight proves detrimental to the exterior walls with prolonged exposure. The sun’s rays cause the walls to degrade over time, leading the protective layer of paint to wear out, thereby forming cracks on the exterior wall’s surfaces. In due course, moisture starts seeping in through these cracks causing mould, mildew and rot. Painting and maintaining the exterior surface of your home on a consistent basis are key to reducing these risks. Painting the exterior functions as a shield, aids in sealing any cracks or gaps, and prevents water from infiltrating and causing structural damage. By employing this preventive measure, you can not only maintain the integrity of your home’s exterior but also avoid costly repairs while ensuring the longevity of your property.


In addition to solving problems, a decent coat of paint will help you identify larger issues to your home’s exterior that you might not have already noticed. Periodically working to repaint your home can reveal an array of small flaws ranging from mould, mildew and rot caused by weakened paint and damage to the exterior surface. On the upside, once these damaged spots are found, they are not very difficult to repair after which a solid, new paint job can prevent these damages from reappearing (to a degree).

From enhancing curb appeal to providing a shield against weather conditions, exterior painting is an investment with great return values. Owing to the sheer size of the task, it is always advisable to hire professional exterior painting services to transform the appearance, ensure the longevity and create a lasting impression of your villa.

We, at Home Team, offer some of the best exterior painting services in Dubai.


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