Why You Should Get An Internal Painting Done At Regular Intervals?

Investing in a home is one of a lifetime; it is one of your biggest assets – people spend lavishly to build their dream home and decorate it with things that hold sentimental value. Painting is one such way to customise your home according to your taste. It is not only a sound investment that adds to the integrity of the home but is also a major game changer when it comes to the look and feel of your home. While some prefer neutral tones, others go for bright hues to add a pop of colour to an otherwise basic monochrome setup. Whatever the choice may be, delaying painting for a few extra years can have damaging effects on your home and its overall value! Thus, getting an internal painting done at regular intervals is extremely crucial.

The most popular reason for interior repainting is often driven by aesthetic and decor sensibilities and a need to update the look of the room. In most cases, the regularity with which a repainting endeavour is undertaken should not solely be based on what is trending. Rather, the prescribed time intervals should be determined by factors such as maintenance and proper upkeep of the property. The frequency of such a repainting project usually varies from one space to the other simply because some areas in a house are occupied more often – they are more “lived in”. As a thumb rule, the most obvious way to know how often you should repaint your house is to figure out how much you use each room in the house. While the life expectancy of the painting is more in the ceiling and bedrooms (for adults), the more common areas like the living and dining rooms, kitchen, bathroom and passageways require repainting more routinely due to constant use. Professionals suggest that an internal repainting should be done at intervals of 3-5 years on average depending on the quality of paint used, external signs of wear and tear and the surface that is being painted.

Some reasons why you should paint your home at regular intervals:

Value Addition: A newly painted home not only gives the space a new look but also adds to the return on investment in your home. It is one of the most cost-effective yet dramatic ways to refresh the feel of your home- with added value!

The ‘Look’ Factor: With time, wear and tear, and daily usage, the colour starts to fade and the house starts losing its beauty. A fresh coat of paint – whether a bright colour of your choice or a simple pastel shade – immediately boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home, adding to its visual beauty. An internal painting at the prescribed time interval also serves to lend the house a modern touch and gives it an overall fresh look.

Correcting Flaws:

Extreme climate conditions like peak summer, strong winds, pollution and dirt can have serious damage on walls. It often leads to the scraping and peeling of the colour and normal wear and tear giving the house a shabby look. A prompt intervention can prevent dampness, cracking, peeling and scraping of the surfaces. It also serves to reduce the depreciation rate and increase the overall life expectancy of the house.

Improving the Indoor Air Quality:

The paint starts to release odours and fumes as it grows old leading to health-related issues. A timely internal painting by applying low VOC and zero VOC paints works as a preventive measure that ensures better air quality inside the home.

An internal painting may seem like a daunting and strenuous task. However, by hiring a company that can professionally get the job well done with all the tools, equipment and experience in a faster and easier manner, the battle is half won.


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