Why is AC Coil Cleaning Required

In an arid desert climate region like Dubai, the air conditioning systems are a necessity that run almost year round. They are an integral part of every household and most people spend hefty amounts on their maintenance. But did you know that besides the regular maintenance work, paying attention to the air conditioning system’s coil cleaning is an extremely crucial aspect of ensuring that the machine runs effectively and efficiently?

The 2 main coils in the air conditioning system – evaporator and condenser – are by far some of the most important parts of the unit that play pivotal roles in helping the machine run smoothly. While the evaporator coils (located in the indoor part of the unit) absorb all the heat and humidity from the homes, the condenser coils (situated in the outdoor portion) serve to expel this excess heat from the home and replace it with cool air within. In the process of drawing warm air out of the home, the coils also pull other things that can lead to a build-up. These often include accumulations of dust, dirt, pollutants and grease. The grime then creates a barrier between the air blowing over the coils. As a result, heat transfer becomes less effective, reducing the efficiency of cooling cycles. Implying, it forces the air conditioning system to work harder and for longer durations by utilising more energy. It not only drives up your electricity bills due to decreased efficiency and wasted energy but also makes the constituent parts more prone to wear and tear and puts them at risk of refrigerant leaks due to corrosion. In the long run, neglecting coil cleaning leads to the system overheating and ultimately, failing completely.

Regular maintenance is a necessity to make sure the air conditioning system works optimally. In order to ensure the AC unit is working in prime condition, coil cleaning should be an essential part of your maintenance routine. The frequency of having the coils cleaned depends on a couple of factors; namely, how quickly the coils get dirty, the age and condition of the air conditioning system, the frequency of usage of the system and finally, the location of the air conditioning system. However, ideally, the coils should be cleaned as part of the regular maintenance contract once or twice per year. This not only helps ensure optimum performance and a longer life for the air conditioning system but also guarantees more comfort for you and your family due to faster cooling of your home.

The AC coils are by far some of the most important and delicate parts of the system that need to be handled properly in order to preserve their cooling power. When it comes to the cleaning of the coils, it is always recommended to have it done by professionals as it requires knowledge and skills. They can easily be damaged if the wrong cleaning products, wrong techniques, or too much force is used while attempting to clean the coils yourself. With regular maintenance and upkeep, the AC coils will help increase the system’s efficiency and cooling power leading to improved indoor air quality and lower utility bills. Thus, one of the most important (yet understated) parts of AC maintenance is air conditioner coil cleaning.

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