Benefits of doing planned preventative HVAC maintenance

As homeowners living in Dubai, none of you want your HVAC units failing you on a particularly hot 45-degree summer day. What if we told you that for a relatively small investment – you could save money, breathe cleaner air, enjoy increased safety and comfort in your home, and help the environment while boasting your overall peace of mind? Our routine preventive HVAC maintenance plan does just these things for you. When you conduct routine maintenance on your HVAC system, you furnish it with much needed care. In the long run, you’ll be able to enjoy an extensive collection of perks including sustainable energy, higher cost savings and increased comfort.

Here are some benefits of doing planned preventative HVAC maintenance:


Has the quality of air you breathe within your home ever crossed your mind? Surprisingly, levels of indoor air contaminants may often be higher than those outside; more so if your HVAC system has been neglected. Even though we fail to give it much thought, we often breathe in a variety of substances that we’d rather avoid. Over and above the usual home dust, allergens like pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen and mould can be found. This deteriorates the air quality, making it hazardous for everyone’s health, especially those suffering from serious respiratory issues like asthma. All air in the home passes through furnace filters. A preventive maintenance work can ensure that your filters are changed periodically – removing trapped dirt and ensuring that clean, well-filtered air is distributed efficiently.


The scorching Dubai summer heat forces our HVAC units to run nonstop for months on end. Heavy duty use – with time – can cause the system to wear out easily, lead to loose connections and an overall drop in performance levels. However, maintenance goes a long way in finding solutions to (and even preventing) these issues. Some might consider these preventive maintenance expenses to be a waste of resources but they make up for the investment with the energy bill savings they bring in. It has been found that if not maintained, your HVAC units could be losing up to 40% of its energy efficiency. A planned preventive maintenance service periodically allows for inspection by a professional technician who ensures that your HVAC system is functioning in top shape. More efficiency implies less energy is needed, leading to less expenditure in utility costs and a more comfortable environment for longer periods at home.


There is no doubt that we are heavily dependent on our HVAC units to keep us comfortable. Establishing a preventive maintenance routine which focuses on equipment, ductwork and coil cleaning, filter replacement, carbon monoxide testing and furnace and electrical connection inspections significantly minimises the chances that HVAC noises or smells will disrupt your quality of life at home. A system that runs in pristine condition ensures that warm or cool air is distributed more evenly and efficiently and that it generates a more consistent airflow. This helps create a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for your family. 


You are bound to experience a host of mechanical disruptions if your HVAC system is not being cared for properly. An inefficient system can disrupt all aspects of your life, leaving you to dish out huge amounts for repairs. Preventive HVAC maintenance curtails these issues before they turn into major emergencies. Firstly, small damages to the system can be caught early – before they become incredibly expensive to repair – thereby preventing costly breakdowns. Secondly, well maintained HVAC systems work closer to peak efficiency, significantly reducing your energy bills. Finally, these periodic preventive maintenance routines extend the life of your system.


HVAC systems are one of the most expensive long-term investments in your home and you want to extend their service life. A routine preventive HVAC maintenance scheme is one of the best approaches to promoting the system’s overall longevity. Generally speaking, most HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 15 years on an average. When maintained and treated correctly, the lifespan could extend to 20 years (approximately). On the contrary, poorly maintained systems could last for as less as 5-7 years. Periodic maintenance helps sustain the quality of your HVAC system, ensures its running at top performance and that it is able to pull its weight for a longer duration.

Opting for a preventive maintenance programme can save you money and time in the long run. Owing to the highly technical components of the work, it is always advisable to consult a trusted home maintenance team with qualified technicians for a job well done.

We, at Home Team, offer some of the best planned preventative HVAC maintenance services in Dubai.

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